"NCF is very supportive and comforting for me during this time. Without NCF, I think I would have been a blubbery mess speaking to the doctor only reflecting emotion and would not have been productive.  Instead I took the "you work for me approach"....and walked away feeling powerful instead of powerless."
Jennifer G.  Georgia

"My communication with my nurse has been an important part of managing my disease.  She helps me understand my test results and provides me with current data that I might not have access to. Her expertise has been invaluable as I prepare for appointments and make decisions. She is my cancer coach."
Patti E.  California

"NCF is great! My nurse consultant is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I was really impressed with the guidance and assistance that I have received since joining NCF. I have passed this organization to several people already."
Elaine M.  Maryland

"My nurse consultant provided confidence that I can beat my disease. She was there for me through my chemo to answer questions and to help me ask the right questions to my doctors. She was the best information source and explained everything in very clear, layman's language. The website is invaluable with information to research and comprehend. I can not express in words what the NavigateCancer Foundation meant to me and my family."
Don F.  North Carolina

"At a time when our world had suddenly changed for the worst, our consultant became our guiding light to help us make crucial decisions."
Bill and Jane N.  North Carolina

"I was touched by my consultant's prompt response to each of my calls and was impressed with her ability to communicate her vast medical knowledge in lay terms, always treating me with the utmost kindness and respect."
Robin W.  North Carolina

"My consultant has been very responsive, positive, honest and accurate.  She has been a wonderful resource for our family.  I can not even begin to express our gratitude."
Susan E.  South Carolina

"I found out about the NCF on the ABC news at a perfect time. The NCF really got right to the point as to what to expect and the support was outstanding. I highly recommend the NCF to all going thru the battle with cancer. God bless NCF for what you provide."
Reg D.  North Carolina

"I can't say a big enough thank you for the help the NavigateCenter has consistently provided for me through each decision making process after diagnosis. The personal attention, and availability to research and answer questions is priceless. When I feel overwhelmed the NavigateCenter is always there to sort through all the confusion. What a wonderful resource - thanks!"
Marcia S. North Carolina.

“During this trying and confusing time, I am grateful for all of the information I have received from such knowledgeable professionals. Thank you for all of your help."
Teresa W.  Florida
“My diagnosis of CLL hit this career military officer as hard as anything I have encountered. Thank God for the competent, caring and prompt personalized guidance I am receiving from my consultant. You folks are truly special people.”
William A.  North Carolina
 “My husband has been battling prostate cancer for 12 years. I have had to do a great deal of research on my own. I wish I had had the NavigateCancer Foundation all of this time. When I asked questions, they answered them immediately!”
Martha H.  Mississippi
“You will not find a more informed, dedicated and caring cancer resource.”
John B.  New Hampshire
“I found the staff at NavigateCancer to be extremely compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. They were incredibly helpful pre-diagnosis to recovery. I felt well-informed, always knowing what to expect from interactions with my physician, specialists and surgeons. They took the stress of “not knowing my options” out of the picture. A huge “Thank You” to everybody at NavigateCancer!”
Jim R.  North Carolina
“It was such a comfort knowing I had an additional resource of a caring and knowledgeable consultant on a click away!”
Brenda P.  Virginia
“Just what my wife and I have needed, an ombudsperson-friend to help us navigate the complexities of an ever expanding knowledge base of care options.”
Jack and Joan D.  North Carolina
“My consultant has been very helpful answering my many questions about my recent breast cancer. She guided me through my surgery and radiation treatments. It was wonderful to have professional, caring guidance during this very difficult time.”
Helen H.  New Hampshire
“Where do I start? I have learned more and have received more guidance from my consultant than I have from any of the physicians, oncologists, radiologists, books, etc. during my entire journey! And for free! The confidential online account allows me communicate with her from work. I am so thankful for this wonderful, lifelong resource.”
Jeanette R.  North Carolina
“I used this website on a daily basis to answer questions that I had. All questions were answered exactly to the doctor’s treatment plan for my husband. The consultant explained the neuroendocrine cancer in terms that I could understand. I strongly recommend this website to anyone who has any type of cancer.”
Carla B. Mississippi
“I can’t say enough about the care and concern from the NavigateCancer Foundation. My early fears and anxieties about my lymphoma were diminished quickly by the consultant. Her knowledge was extraordinary and her ability to pass it on was great. An outstanding organization which I recommend highly.” 
Dennis C. Florida
“The NavigateCancer Foundation is a blessing to all of us that have been touched by cancer. They answer your questions in a way that you can understand and will answer them back quickly. I would recommend this foundation to anyone that has a family member of friend with cancer.”
Marie R.  North Carolina
“My consultant is very knowledgeable and caring. My head as well as my body is in good shape because of her.”
Karen G.  North Carolina
“The NavigateCancer Foundation simplified the medical language, provided context to understand the disease, clarified my options, provided a holistic approach and ultimately gave me the confidence I needed to know that I was making the right decisions for me.”
Linsey, D. Florida
“As a family member, the compassionate care and knowledgeable support eased a lot of anxiety and pain and provided wonderful comfort and guidance during a difficult time during our father’s illness. There will always be a special place in our hearts for our friends at the NavigateCancer Foundation.
William and Virginia T. North Carolina

"Always available to help with my concerns and to give encouragement. Explains what doctor says in terms that I can understand. Thank you so much!"
Donna M.  North Carolina

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"At a time when our world had suddenly changed for the worst, our nurse consultant became our guiding light to help us make crucial decisions."
- Bill and Jane N.
Breast Cancer Survivor, North Carolina

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.