How We Do It

We provide cancer care navigation services to patients and family members through online consultation and telephone consultation. 

Online consultations are available for free as part of the mission of this foundation. 

This requires creating a personal account with us.  The reason is for your protection.  Email is neither secure nor confidential.  Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to develop a way that you can discuss your private health information with the full security protections this website service has to offer.  It is set up similar to your online banking account.  You will create a personal account and then login to your account each time you wish to communicate with your navigator.
Telephone consultations are offered as a part of our services for free.
Please see Telephone Consultations for further information.

Getting started is easy.  You will create an account by a simple registration process.  Before your registration is complete, you will be required to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which details our security procedures and informs you that we do not share or sell your information to any third party.  And most importantly, you only provide the information that you are willing to share.

Once you have completed the simple registration, you will receive an email confirming your account and user name. Your account will be activated once you have clicked on the highlighted link found in your email.  You will then be able to login.

Your final step will be to complete a health profile for the cancer patient.  You will complete as much of the health profile as you wish to. Keep in mind, the more information you provide, the better we will be able to help. 

After you have completed the health profile, you will be able to send your questions to a foundation navigator.  An email will notify you when the navigator has answered your questions and direct you to log back in to your personal account to review the completed consult.

We are pleased to provide cancer care navigation services to you and look forward to meeting you in your account!

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Kent C.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

"My nurse consultant provided me with confidence to beat my disease. She was there for me throughout my journey to answer questions and help me ask the right questions to my doctors. She was the best information source and explained everything in very clear layman's language. The service is invaluable. I cannot express in words what NavigateCancer has meant to me and my family."
- Don F.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.