Leukemia and Lymphoma 
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Provides resources for patients and families battling this disease.  Provides financial assistance for specific treatment expenses and transportation
Leukemia Research Foundation
Provides information for medical researchers, patients, and those looking for ways to join the fight
Lymphoma Research Foundation
Promotes research, provides education, and raises awareness of lymphoma.

Lymphoma Information Network
Strives to put a bit of humanity and understanding in information on lymphoma.

Charlie and Joan R.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, North Carolina

"I have peace of mind with the decision that I made. It was the right choice. Thanks to your wonderful assistance in guiding and providing a framework to make my decision gave me that peace of mind. And what a wonderful service that you are available for me down the road."
- David E.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, Texas

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