Founded by a childhood cancer survivor, dedicated to improving the quality of life for other survivors

Livestrong Foundation 
Provides help to cancer patients and their families through advocacy, education, research programs.
National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship
Provides information and resources on cancer support, advocacy and quality of life issues.

What Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Health Insurance and
Working It Out —Your Employment Rights As a Cancer Survivor  

National Students of AMF (Ailing Mothers & Fathers) Support Network
This is the only organization dedicated to supporting college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one and empowering all college students to fight back against terminal illness. 

Kent C.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

"My nurse consultant provided me with confidence to beat my disease. She was there for me throughout my journey to answer questions and help me ask the right questions to my doctors. She was the best information source and explained everything in very clear layman's language. The service is invaluable. I cannot express in words what NavigateCancer has meant to me and my family."
- Don F.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.