General Cancer Web Sites
American Association for Cancer Research
Politically active member of the research community.

American Cancer Society
Offers a wide variety of information and services through its Cancer Resource Network.  The website will provide printed materials and educational resources.

American Institute for Cancer Research
Focuses on the relationship between cancer and nutrition.
American Pain Foundation
Provides education, support and advocacy regarding pain and associated issues. Features a Pain Action Guide.
American Society of Clinical Oncology
A wealth of information for patients, doctors, and scientists.
A search engine, updated daily, listing hundreds of cancer sites on the Worldwide Web.

Cancer Research Foundation of America
Dedicated to cancer prevention through research and education.

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups
The nonprofit organization, Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups is the voice for cancer clinical trials, providing services and products to serve patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and advocates.

A magazine subscription for cancer patients

A magazine with cancer update, research and education

A general medical website which has extensive information on medical issues and many cancers.

Fertile Hope
Providing education about cancer and fertility issues.
Gilda’s Club
Provides support to cancer patients and their family members. Lectures, workshops, networking groups and a children’s program are available.
International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education
Provides focused, user-friendly cancer information. 
Livestrong Foundation
People Living With Cancer
The patient information website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service
A comprehensive website offering medical information about all cancers. Includes a glossary and links to cancer centers.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network 
Treatment Guidelines for each cancer

National Students of AMF (Ailing Mothers & Fathers) Support Network
This is the only organization dedicated to supporting college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one and empowering all college students to fight back against terminal illness. 

NIH Office of Rare Diseases
National Institutes of Health website for rare diseases. Offers clinical trial listing and medical and research updates. Extensive list of resources and links for genetic information.

A website covering medical issues and care with sections on many cancer types.

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.