Counseling Navigation Links
American Pain Foundation
Provides education, support and advocacy regarding pain and associated issues. Features a Pain Action Guide.
Cancer Care, Inc. 
Online support groups and personal telephone social worker assistance. Offers free support and booklets for a variety of support and medical issues.
Cancer Hope Network
 (“buddy program”)

24-hour crisis hotline:   847-509-9494
Private, nonprofit organization offering free psychological, emotional, and social support.

Center for Coping
Helping people help themselves by improving their ability to cope.
Livestrong Foundation

National Students of AMF (Ailing Mothers & Fathers) Support Network
This is the only organization dedicated to supporting college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one and empowering all college students to fight back against terminal illness. 
The Wellness Community
Provides free psychological and emotional support to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. This includes stress reduction workshops, cancer educational workshops, nutrition guidance, exercise sessions and social events.


Charlie and Joan R.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, North Carolina

"I have peace of mind with the decision that I made. It was the right choice. Thanks to your wonderful assistance in guiding and providing a framework to make my decision gave me that peace of mind. And what a wonderful service that you are available for me down the road."
- David E.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, Texas

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