CAM Glossary
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Macrobiotic Diet A diet based on the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang. The goal is to achieve balance through healthy lifestyle and diet. The diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, beans, soup, fish, seasonal fruits and nuts all planned to meet specific health needs. See
Massage Therapeutic massage is the manual stroking, kneading or tapping the body's tissue to decrease muscle tension, improve circulation and general relaxation. The massage therapist should be licensed. Massage therapy is generally safe for cancer patients but it is important to consult with a physician prior to starting massage therapy. See
Meditation Is the intentional self-regulation of one's attention. There are two types of meditation: concentrative methods which one uses repeated phrases and mindfulness-based stategies which start with the observations of thought, emotions and sensations without judgement to improve awareness. See www.
Music Therapy The controlled use of music by a music therapist to reduce anxiety and depression. See