Medical Glossary
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JAK3 An enzyme found only in cells in the immune system that is critical for the cell signaling process resulting in the development of white blood cells.
JAMA Is the Journal of the American Medical Association and is published by the American Medical Association.
Jaundice A yellow-coloring of the skin and the “whites of the eyes” caused by an increased bilirubin level. There are many reasons for this to occur.
Jejunostomy A surgical operation to create an opening of a part of the small intestine to a hole (stoma) in the abdomen to allow the passage of stool.
JP Drain (Jackson-Pratt Drain) After surgery, a drain of this type may purposefully be left inside the body which is connected to a bulb container on the outside of the body for fluids to collect in. The bulb when squeezed empty provides constant suction to draw the fluid out of the body. When the fluid stops flowing, the drain is removed.