Medical Glossary
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Ultrasound A pain-free way to study the organs of the body by using sound waves. The technologist will apply a warm gel to the skin over the area to be examined then move an instrument across the body and images will be photographed.
Umbilical Cord Transplant A transplant using the stem cells collected from an umbilical cord.
Unilateral On one side of the body.
Universal Precautions Steps that are taken when coming in contact with a patient’s blood and body fluids to prevent the spread of infectious disease.
Ureterostomy An opening in the skin from the ureter to outside the abdomen to allow the passage of urine.
Urinalysis A urine sample is collected to evaluate for for problems in the kidneys or in the urinary tract system. The urinalysis can detect if there is an infection, blood or protein present.
Urine Culture A urine sample which is cultured for a period of time to detect bacterial infections.
Urine-24 hour collection A lab test that requires the patient to collect their urine for 24 hours. This can test for many things to see how well the kidneys are functioning
Urine-dipstick A urine sample is collected to evaluate for the prescence of blood or protein.